About Us

Best Legal Consulting and Training Services

North Cyprus Law Clinic is a legal consulting and training institution that has been providing legal services to it’s clients since the year 2015. Our institution is determined to always provide the best legal consulting and training services to students, individuals, companies, organizations and institutions based on the ‘rule of law’ principles. We aim to educate and inform our local and international community on the current legal systems of TRNC and the European Union.

We are well experienced

offer an impressive portfolio of legal training and consulting services through
online and face to face basis. Each consultation method is completely
customizable to suit each client and/or business needs. Our services are
provided through our well trusted legal trainees who work with the close
guidance of our Seniors legal team which consists of the best and well
experienced Lawyers and Law professors from some of the top leading Law Firms
and Law Schools in the world. Our legal trainees are a team of law graduates
and final year law students who have been under our training programme for more
than 6 months before their first consultation. It is with great pleasure that
we contribute to society through our traineeship program by giving adequate
training and an opportunity to gain practical experience to upcoming legal

Providing Services in Various Areas of Law

As we are an all-inclusive organization our services are offered in Turkish, English and Russian but can be translated into many other languages upon request. Law is a broad aspect with different branches hence, we offer our legal training and consultative services on the various areas of Law including but not limited to Contract law, Cooperate and Commercial Law, Criminal law, Human Rights Law, Permits and Residency Law, Real Estate Law, Foreign Investment Law, Employment Law, Tax Law and Insurance Law.

Collaboration with Legal Professionals from all around the world

Through collaborating with legal professionals from all parts of the world, the North Cyprus Law Clinic is able to provide legal services and training based on a number of legal systems including TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), EU (European Union) and UK (United Kingdom of Great Britain) Law.

We provide professional legal services on a number of legal systems through the lawyers and academics from different parts of the world who work within our structure.

Personal Development Courses

North Cyprus Law Clinic also provides professional development courses which are open to all individuals and company stuff with or without a legal background. These professional development courses are taught by professionals from different firms and professions and certificates will be awarded upon completion of each course. Our professional courses include Professional Writing, Leadership, Management, Accounting Basics, Business Proposals and Drafting, Communication skills and many more.

Our Locations

North Cyprus Law Clinic main office is located in Central Kyrenia of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus however, we also maintain activities in other cities such as Nicosia (lefkosa) and Iskele.

Membership Program

North Cyprus Law Clinic offers a membership program through which we are able to create a community where everyone who seeks legal advice on any area of law can contact us at any given time and get the legal answers they need. Our membership program comes with some benefits such as free 24hr online legal consultation services, free access to one professional development course per month, a huge discount on all our legal courses and a free seat to all our monthly online webinars and events for at a fee of 15 Euros per month or a discounted total of 60 Euros for a membership duration of up to six months. We have a plethora of professionals from various fields professional backgrounds from around the world, to teach our professional development classes on topics such as professional writing, drafting a business model, communication and leadership skills just to name a few. Our webinars are conducted by guest speakers from both legal and non-legal backgrounds hence anyone who is a member is welcome to attend.

Among other services, North Cyprus Law Clinic:

  • Offers up to date legal information and services and also contributes to the structural and financial development of those who seek services from the organization through lawyers, legists and academics who are experts in their fields

  • Basis its training on profound and serous research

  • Provides books, notes and booklets for training purposes for the participants who apply for training purposes

  • It offers the alternative of practical and field work relating to the subjects of the participants

  • Offers work on the financial and structural and development for those who are served

For information and enquiries feel free to go through our updated yearly calendar on courses, webinars and events or get in touch with us directly through email or phone call.


Dr. Özge Bengüsu is a registered lawyer in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and owner of one of the leading lawfrims in TRNC BHLEX Law and Consultancy Bureau. She established North Cyprus Law Clinic in the year 2015 with a goal to provide the most affordable legal training and consultation services to the community of Northern Cyprus.  Özge obtained her Ph.D Degree at the University of Hull, UK and her Doctorate Degree from the University of Luxembourg in 2011. Her portfolio includes experience in the following legal fields Corporate Law, Property Law (Conveyancing), Civil Litigation and Contract Law in addition to Online-Offline Gambling, E-Commerce and Investment Law.

Özge is an experienced law professor who lectures in University Law Faculties of established universities in TRNC. Özge completed her Masters in Law in Utrecht University in the Netherlands and obtained her LL.M Degree in International and European Human Rights Law, working as an intern in the Unrepresented Nations’ and Peoples Organisation in the Hague.  Özge graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University in Northern Cyprus and completed her internship in Lefkoşa (Nicosia) and called to the Lefkoşa Bar.

Özge’s Ph.D research encompassed the Principle of Equality of Arms and she published her book on ‘The Principle of Equality of Arms in International Criminal Justice’ in 2018.