Who Is a Member?​


Our membership program is open to all individuals in need of legal services including but not limited to:

Individuals seeking legal advice

Moving to a new country can be quite a challenge due to various reasons one of the most common being language barrier when moving to a non-English speaking country. At North Cyprus Law Clinic, we understand this is a common challenge to non-Turkish speakers living in the TRNC. Our institution is here to breach the said barrier through providing free legal consultations to our members who have questions on any legal topic including but not limited to residency laws, investment laws, property purchasing and selling laws, rental law and criminal laws and many more. By joining our community and becoming a North Cyprus Law Clinic member, you are guaranteed to have all your legal questions answered through our 24/7 legal consultation services and, to add to that, we work with experienced lawyers and legal professionals locally and, internationally who are ready to help with all your legal processes including but not limited to residency applications, conveyancing procedures, litigation processes and offer legal representation of any kind. All legal representations and procedures which come after the free consultation are subject to a legal fee separate from the membership fee but with huge discounts applied to all North Cyprus Law Clinic members. We understand that some of our members can find these processes too stressful to complete on their own and may need someone to complete the processes and make the necessary applications on their behalf. Our members will have access to such services and get their residency and other legal documents ready for them to pick up without spending hours in long queues or dealing with language barrier problems. 

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Business owners

Business owners who are members of the North Cyprus Law Clinic can have our legal team review or draft any of their business and/or employment Contracts at a discounted legal fee.

Entrepreneurs looking to start a business can contact us to understand the processes involved when registering and licensing their business in TRNC for free, through registering our membership program.  Other business law related services available to our members include assistance in creating the perfect business Proposal draft, legal compliance of your business and the licensing of your business by our legal team. These services are also subject to largely discounted legal fee charges separate from the membership fee. The North Cyprus Law Clinic is ready to link you with the best legal team to help you with all areas of your business at all times.

Legal writing needs

One of the benefits of signing up to our membership program is the access to our legal writing services. Our legal team will assist clients in drafting and delivering of all types of legal notices including but not limited to notices for debt payment, notices for rent payment and eviction notices all for a discounted legal fee.

Many individuals come to North Cyprus with the intention to invest in various businesses or properties. It is important to have a registered Will in TRNC which is separate from the will registered in your home Country as this is will not be accepted as an official Will by the TRNC Courts when the individual is no longer here. Members who have acquired property in TRNC can have their wills drafted and registered by our legal at an affordable legal fee.

Individuals seeking to improve their professional skills

We offer professional developmental skills to company staff members individually or in groups. Company owners who are members of the North Cyprus Law Clinic and, are looking to improve their stuff members’ skills can register their staff to any of our professional development courses.

Are you a newly appointed manager or you are an experienced managed who wants to improve their skills to keep up with the current business management skills to help you take your company to higher heights? Our professional developmental course on Business management is the best solution for you to stay up to date with today’s evolving standards of business management. You can access this course for free when you register to be a member of the North Cyprus Law Clinic.

Members who are business owners and in need of guidance on how to run their business more efficiently or, looking to improve their methods of doing business can also benefit from our free (for members only) entrepreneur and business management skills courses.

If you have ever been a fresh graduate, you have experienced the uncertainty and worry that comes with being a newbie at your profession. At North Cyprus Law Clinic, we offer our members who are fresh graduates or those starting a new profession free access to our career developmental skills courses specifically designed for new graduates.

Our professional development courses carter to not only fresh graduates but also professionals starting a new position or a new job and are looking to improve on their professional skills. Some of our professional development courses include such as communication skills, CV drafting, leadership skills, marketing strategies and accounting basics.