Contract Law​

Contract Law

Contract Law is an area of private law which refers to the law that governs contractual relationships. A contract is a promise enforceable by law. This promise to do something or refrain from doing something enforceable by law. The making of a contract requires 2 or more persons where one of them makes an offer and other accepts.

Today, the nature of any relationship of any actual and/or legal entities is a kind of contract, but individuals may not be adequately equipped of knowing their rights and responsibilities in such relationships

Furthermore, individuals may be unconscious in respect of how they can protect their rights and also in such emerging issues related to these rights can be deprived of the factors that protect them.

At North Cyprus Law Clinic it is our goal to provide the best legal consultations to our members in regards to their contractual; rights and duties. Our legal team together with our training programs will help legal entities to build more powerful and protective relationships and help them do their investments more consciously and to enable both the parties and the society to benefit from their actions. Our team has experience in the following areas of contract law:

  • Contract Review
  • Contract Drafting
  • Contract Negotiations

North Cyprus Law Clinic will provide comparative information on Continental Europe, Anglo-Saxon and international law from time to time.