Investment law

Investment law

Investment law refers to the set of rules that governs investments. The beauty, great history and culture of North Cyprus have led the Island into becoming one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world with thousands of tourists coming into the country per year. Most of the tourists who come to visit the Island always come back for the great experience, or decide to relocate to North Cyprus temporarily or permanently.

As the number of foreign nationals living in rises, accompanied with the low tax fees and great economy in North Cyprus, there has been a continuous spike in investments from foreign nationals especially in the real estate sector. There has been a rise in other investment opportunities such as the Tourism Sector, Industry sector, Information sector and Education sector, just to name a few. This calls for good Investment Laws which protect the rights of the foreign investors and to help keep the investment and investor definitions up at international standards.

In addition to that, Investment law plays a major role in allowing the realization of foreign direct investment through the transformation of information system to approval system by determining policy covers to work on principles for increasing foreign direct investment. 

The North Cyrpus Law Clinic membership program provides consultation services to members curious about the investment opportunities and procedures in North Cyprus. We offer legal advice on all investment opportunities available in North Cyprus and with the help of our experienced legal team you can be assured to not be alone in your investment journey as we are here to help with all your investment procedures at a discounted legal fee such as:

  • Licensing
  • Business Certification
  • Business registration
  • Trade Agreements
  • Taxation procedures
  • Investment incentives