Real Estate Law ​

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law also known as property law is the law that governs landowners and property owners and the use land. At North Cyprus Law Clinic, we give consultations on both residential and commercial real estate. The TRNC property laws are there to facilitate the buying and selling of land and to ensure real estate transactions are properly performed and recorded.

Our services include but are not limited to, legal consultations on the following branches of law under TRNC Real Estate Law:

  • Tax Law
  • Tenancy Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Accidents and injuries on property

** We carter to both commercial and residential real estate/property owners.

At North Cyprus Law Clinic, we offer legal advice and consultation to our members on all types of criminal offenses including assault, theft, bribery, harassment, extortion, incident exposure, domestic violence, robbery just to name a few. Our members can seek legal advice on how to deal with such issues at any moment and time for free. We provide a safe and trustworthy space for all our members through practicing fair treatment despite the enquirer being a victim or suspect of a criminal act.

To add to that, the North Cyprus law clinic has resources and a legal team that can provide additional legal service such as legal representation, police visits to file a complaint, prison visits to those in police custody, to its members. However, these additional services will be provided at a separate fee from the membership subscription but with a great discount applied so you never have to experience the financial burden of legal fees that linger on months after your case has been closed.