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North Cyprus Law Clinic offers a membership program through which we are able to create a community where everyone who seeks legal advice on any area of law can contact us at any given time and get the legal answers they need. 

Our membership program comes with some benefits such as free 24hr online legal consultation services, free access to one professional development course per month, a huge discount on all our legal courses and a free seat to all our monthly online webinars and events for at a fee of 15 Euros per month or a discounted total of 60 Euros for a membership duration of up to six months. We have a plethora of professionals from various fields professional backgrounds from around the world, to teach our professional development classes on topics such as professional writing, drafting a business model, communication and leadership skills just to name a few. Our webinars are conducted by guest speakers from both legal and non-legal backgrounds hence anyone who is a member is welcome to attend.

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